Basic is good: It is the starting point; the primary source; untainted; pure. We believe that it is our respect for the basic that enables us to live more. Thanks to nature’s healing hands, Tradizione brings the gentlest and most effective products that are healthy, safe, and easy to use. We use our learnings from the old times in combining helpful ingredients that can improve the lives of many generations. Tradizione’s high regard for the basic sparked the creation of a skin care line that radiates love for nature’s gifts.

Our care is not just skin-deep. More than maintaining a smooth and glowing face and body, Tradizione provides livelihood to many communities by sourcing and manufacturing products locally. Truly, we are “Made by Filipinos, for the Filipinos.” Tradizione Inc. is a subsidiary of the QI Group and a sister company of QNET.

Tradizione was founded on 8 September 2016, with the aim to encourage people to live naturally and provide a business opportunity to OFWs, working moms, stay-at-home moms, house helpers, and professionals who wish to earn extra income. Tradizione provides the framework and tools that allow its members to actively raise their quality of life by using Tradizione’s personal care products and selling them through a network marketing business model that comes with an attractive Compensation Plan. What began as a simple business idea has evolved into a thriving community of entrepreneurs who make a difference in their families and communities.

All Tradizione products are made locally and from natural ingredients which are sourced from farmers we know and partners we trust, providing livelihood to many communities in the country. Each Tradizione product is also infused with Virgin Coconut Oil, which is proven to be effective in keeping the skin smooth and moisturised, and is one of the Philippines’ top exports, making Tradizione a Proudly Pinoy brand.

It’s about Raising Yourself to Help Mankind. When you welcome the Tradizione business opportunity, you not only help Philippine farmers by buying our locally sourced products, you also help us help you enjoy a life filled with wellness and success. Furthermore, with affordable packages and a variety of ways to earn, Tradizione allows you to extend the same opportunity to others in your network -- so we can all become drivers of positive change in our community and beyond. WE EXIST TO CREATE EXPERIENCES WHERE PASSION AND PURPOSE COME TOGETHER.


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Corporate Social Responsibility of Tradizione

Every firm, from the smallest entity to the largest multinational corporation, can do something to help others and make a worthwhile contribution to their local community. An involvement that constitutes a wider contribution such as long term projects will help a lot more.

Tradizione, a proud local brand of personal care products, provides livelihood to communities such as SLP – Sustainable Livelihood Program Luisiana. Our bayongs are made by the Luisiana Lala Ladies of Laguna. Through this tie-up, we do not only help the SLP-LLL but the community of Luisiana as a whole.

Our supplier of certified organic VCO from the Quezon Province has the same social responsibility as Tradizione, which are to help create income and employment to small rural communities and give back to the coconut farmers.

Through our efforts to promote and market the Tradizione products, and purchases made by customers and distributors, we are all giving our hands to these beneficiaries. Let us continue being a visionary of our goal – “Made by Filipinos, For Filipinos”, promoting and patronizing local products.


  • “It opened my eyes to a healthier and safer alternative compared to what I was used to. It pays to know more and be curious. Educate yourself and don’t just rely on advertisements or big brands. By simply sharing the benefits of our product, we are promoting a healthier way of living.”

    Kar Gonzales

  • "After only 10 days of using Chai Anti-oxidant I have noticed significant results. The redness on my face due to regular use of makeup was reduced. And na lessen din oiliness sa face ko."

    Cathy McBurney

  • "After a very productive week, it's finally time for some self-love routine! #TRADZforall because skincare and wellness has no gender -- it's for everyone! Trying these natural soaps from @tradizionephofficial this weekend!

    Aldin Eclarinal

  • Made sure to bring my favorite Tradizione hand sanitiser to my recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia (nyeeaam)!

    Kamille Tolentino

  • My mother gave me Roza soap to cleanse my skin, body and massage oil to moisturise, and Tropica shampoo for my scalp. The reliefs manifested significantly. Now I decided to pay forward with this testimony as epression of my gratitude.

    Jason Dinglasa

  • Tradizione's Keelig Organic deo is just perfect in providing me the protection that I need especially when I am extra active. With the combination of VCO, Turmeric, Lemon and Tea Tree Oil among other naturally sourced ingredients, I am confident that even if I perspire, I would stay and smell fresh from day to night. And not only that, it is gentle on my skin!

    Michael Sia

  • Can't wait to be pore-less!

    Bea Santiago, Former Miss International 2013

  • Been addicted to these for the past two weeks! Organic Virgin Coconut Oil + Green Tea Essential Oil = pure antioxidant magic for the skin.

    Dr. Mark Platon





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