Bida Ka, Grace Garrol!

“I’m Grace Tapan Garrol, the youngest among three siblings. I became blind since birth due to Retenopathy of Prematurity. Having a very supportive and loving family, I was able to live my life normally. I became exposed in performing because thankfully, God gave me such talents that enabled me to entertain and inspire others. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Education in St. Paul University Manila. I’ve been blessed to share my God-given talents in different parts of the world by being one of the representatives of our country in music festivals for Persons With Disability held in Shanghai China, Seoul Korea and Brunei Darussalam. I also got a chance to be featured in TV shows, and performed with great singers and musicians of our country.

Presently, I am working as a Music teacher in the Philippine National School for the Blind for five years. As everyone else, I have this burning desire to provide the dream life for my family. God answered my prayer when another world of opportunity opened for me. This was when I started my humble journey with Tradizione.

I joined March 2, 2020. At first, I was thinking if I could be effective in doing the business as this is something new for me. I didn’t have the skills, and knowledge. Until such time that I met my mentors, they guided me as I focused on learning during my first month. Along the process, my understanding about the business became deeper. In April, I started doing it seriously. With the all-out support of my mentors, and the motivation every single day, I was able to achieve success in this God-given project.

1st step 1st week
2nd step 2nd week
3rd step 3rd week
4th step 4th week
and first cycle on the same month.

This became an avenue to helping people and be part of their lives by sharing Tradizione to become genuinely happy and live their dreams. Being a business owner for almost a year made a great impact in my life. Aside from earning more income, it helps in becoming the better version of myself. I truly found another home in Tradizione and Team Victory with such genuine people whom I have built a strong relationship, and great mentors who believed in me, and provided their endless support as I continue my journey towards success.

I will be forever grateful for being part of Tradizione. I am more than willing to grow more, improve myself, and achieve more success in the next years to come.

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