Bida Ka, Annie Dinglasa!

“I am Annie Honda Benong Dinglasa. I was born and grew up along with my 4 siblings in Samal Island, Davao del Norte. I admire so much strong willed women like my Grandmother, my Mother and my Aunt who in daily grind support each other for our living. Their warm service based on honesty, integrity and dignity kept customers of coming back.⠀

I am molded with those values and aspired to put up my own business too. I seek, I found and I joined TRADIZIONE on October 20, 2016. These are my personal experiences of 4 exciting meaningful years with TRADIZIONE.⠀

1. I Earn as I Learn. I gain limitless knowledge both in technicalities and taking back control of myself while my income grows. ⠀

2. Income Stream is honest and with integrity. I seriously listened and applied the system. My results converted into money deposited in my registered account very accurately and as per schedules given to me.⠀

3. Family Education. My two children gradually learn to envision their own lives. Their individual perspectives blossom as they are continuously exposed to ideas in running Tradizione Online Business. Likewise in taking in charge of oneself with maturity. ⠀

I am forever grateful to TRADIZIONE. I have never been as happier now that I progressively OWN an Online Business in this pandemic times. For as long as there is internet provider, my business expands. Though I currently live in Japan caught by pandemic lockdown, Tradizione Business comes with me quite simply.”⠀

Tradizione is honored to feature one of the remarkable distributors whom we consider as strong-willed and persevering to achieve her goals and dreams through grit and hard work. A powerful woman indeed.”

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