Everyone is beautiful. Some enhance their beauty using makeup, some go through life barefaced. Which among these two are you?

Skincare is important for your overall health and confidence.  How your skin looks affects your mental and emotional health. How do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror? One of the first things that you notice is your face – are you happy? Do not allow social media platforms to determine how you feel about yourself, but rather form a skincare routine that your future self will thank you for.

You may ask, ‘What is the normal skin care routine?’. For beginners: Cleanser – Toner – Moisturiser routine is enough; For others: Make-up Remover – Cleanser / Exfoliator – Toner – Serum – Spot Treatment – Moisturiser are the products used for a clear and glowing skin. Tradizione is known as a natural personal-care brand. From the previous article, these products can be incorporated in your skin care routine to achieve the skin that you deserve.

Tradizione Body and Massage Oils that you can use religiously as make-up remover are Luntee, Manzana, Mentho, Violet and Caramella. Tradizione that can also be used as cleansers are our soaps such as Noir Pore Minimiser, Roza Anti-Bacterial, Blanco Anti-Ageing, Mocca Whitening, Chai Anti-Oxidant and Pur for Sensitive Skin. Lastly, to moisturise your skin and to seal all the products you apply, use the Tradizione Body and Massage Oils. Yes, these oils are indeed all-in-one products.

Working on yourself to improve different areas in your life shows that you prioritise yourself because it can literally change your life. People who appreciate and know themselves are those people who inspire many.   

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