3 Benefits When You Use Natural Skincare Products

There has been some debate on the difference between organic and natural skincare products but to avoid confusion, the term ‘organic’ refers to how an ingredient was cultivated while products that are labelled as ‘natural’ are anything that’s plant or mineral-based.

Tradizione is proud to house natural skincare products with the main ingredient being virgin coconut oil (VCO). Aside from VCO keeping your skin healthy and moisturised, it can also help treat acne and guard your skin from harmful bacteria lurking around you. If you’re thinking of going au naturel, here are a few things you should know:

There are no toxic smells.

It’s less likely for natural skin care products to have a strong odour compared to chemical-based products with ingredients that can have overpowering smell. Also, you may not be aware of it, but some people may react negatively to artificial fragrances so better to stick to natural, guys!

There’s a slim chance of having skin irritations.

Most natural skin care products are gentle on the skin thanks to the absence of harmful chemicals that can potentially be bad for your skin. Still, you have to make sure that the product really is made with natural-based products to ensure the safety of your skin; don’t be fooled by advertising methods – don’t forget to do your research.

You’re helping the environment.

Climate change is real and it’s about time we take it seriously. If you really want to make a difference and help Mother Earth, then natural is the way to go! Most chemical-based products are causing harm not only to you and your skin, but also to the environment.

With all the benefits natural skin care products have, it’s still important to do a skin patch test, especially if you know that you have sensitive skin. According to Dr Jeannette Graf, a New York dermatologist, you should take note of the littlest signs of an irritation. “If your moisture barrier isn’t intact, you will have a higher sensitivity.” Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry, everyone!

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