Check out Filipino brand Tradizione’s all-natural products your skin will love you for article — Are you the type of consumer that pays attention to how products are manufactured? Do you research on where the ingredients of a product were sourced from? Do you do some detective work on whether or not a company practices fair trade and doesn’t hurt the environment in making their products?

If you ticked yes to all the questions above, you are a responsible consumer. More and more people are becoming like you – people who want to be accountable for the products they buy and consume. They make it a point to buy products only from brands that don’t shortchange their workers or produce goods in ways detrimental to the environment.

One of the ways to becoming a responsible consumer is to buy locally. Don’t do it because it sounds like a catchy slogan; do it because it makes sense. Locally produced goods, as a rule, are more sustainable, environment-friendly and fair-trade priced.

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