Dating OFW, at ngayon ay isa ng successful Tradizione Leader

Tricia Miranda experienced a challenging childhood, but that didn’t stop her from working hard to achieve financial stability. While the head of the family earned a living in a different country, Tricia’s mother slowly fell into depression; she was 12 and had no idea on how to handle the situation. 

She was initially taking an IT course but decided to pursue a HRS (Hotel and Restaurant Services)course which she graduated with. She started working as a Pantry Chef in Camaya Coast and since she wanted her dad to be with them, she told him to go back home.

Being a breadwinner was a hard battle but she was willing to do everything for her family. Tricia then booked a flight to work abroad. Three weeks before her flight, her mom died. Tricia was disheartened since her mother was the backbone of her dream. Still, she pushed through with her flight to Dubai because she had dreams and goals to achieve. 

She was an assistant chef in Dubai but it was not easy for her. “There are times that it was hard for me to go to work,” she said. Eventually, she resigned because she was not being treated well by the employer and she could not find any other reason to stay. 
Her next job was a burger maker in a US burger joint company. She was not happy and she knew she needed to find her path towards her dreams. “Umiyak ako sa ka-trabaho ko at sinabi ko na hindi ko kailangan ng malaking pera, ang kailangan ko lang is time freedom para magawa ko mga gusto kong gawin.”
Her cousin, Whestley Ochoa, introduced her to network marketing. She attended a presentation and will never forget what was mentioned at that time. The phrase, “You will not achieve the freedom of time if you don’t have money because you will keep working for money”. This triggered Tricia to take on the challenge of being a networker. 
Although she had a difficult time in Dubai, it was the place where she met another father-figure who is also her mentor; the person who made her realise what life really is. According to Tricia, he showed her how life is with financial freedom through pictures which was her dream. “We watched the Dubai fountain from the elevation then he said, ‘This is life. Not working in a burger joint and making burgers all your life.’”

“That same night I could not sleep because I saw a different side of life that I didn’t know existed. On my 21st birthday – it was the turning point of my life. My mentor and I went to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and showed me what life should be. I realised that I deserve the best. I was amazed by the view, I was so happy because this is life. And I got addicted to that life.” 

But after overcoming several roadblocks, hearing real-life success stories, and her utter dedication to flourish in the business, she was able to create a steady downline in time. “I realised I didn’t have a choice but to do network marketing. It’s the most efficient way to earn and I can see the fruits of other people’s labour. I’m glad I have mentors who help me along the way.” 

As a distributor, Tricia is also a proud user of Tradizione products, and her best bet is Tradizione’s Mocha Whitening Soap. “I felt my skin tighten just after days of using it,” she said. “And I can visibly see the dead skin cells peeling off.” The people around her noticed the change in her skin saying that it now looks healthier than before. 

Tricia’s testimony is proof that good things happen to people who are determined. She didn’t let her past hold her back from being the successful businesswoman that she is now. 

She didn’t believe in the power of network marketing before but now, it’s her bread and butter. “I’m not here to convince you, I’m here to educate you. You deserve the best. Your family deserves the best. You’re given the opportunity to earn and it’s up to you if you’ll grab it to have a better future.” 

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