NETWORK MARKETING is for everyone

Ms. Kassandra Tolentino, Tradizione Distributor


People think that network marketing is complicated and that should solely be done by mature professionals, but it’s really easy to manage that even students like KC Tolentino, can do it on the side lines. 

KC was exposed to the industry at an early age since her dad was already doing business with Tradizione’s mother company, QNET. She would help her dad and eldest sister, Kamille, to find prospects and in the process, she was able to earn extra money. Now that she’s old enough, she has decided to sign-up to be a distributor herself. “It’s fun because since the whole family is involved with the business, we get to mentor and help one another to build our own teams.”

She expressed her love for Tradizione’s products such as Noir, Roza, Luntee, and Piquant. “The reason why I love Tradizione so much is because the natural products have helped me with my skin asthma when usually, I couldn’t find skin products that didn’t react harmfully to my very sensitive skin. This is probably why I’m passionate about sharing the products.” 

Yes, she may be a young student but it only proves how easy network marketing can be, not only is she earning enough, but she’s also having fun doing it. KC even advises other students to try it, too. 
“My advice to the student community who are looking for extra income would be to always know how to manage your time. There is time for doing business but of course, we also have to set aside time for our studies and our families.” She also adds that there are benefits to joining different organisations as long as you handle it right. 

“Small things will always go a long way and will always expand when you do something great.”

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