Before she became a Tradizione distributor, Ms Janet Flores of Team Davao was already handling her own travel agency with the help of her sister. This entrepreneur, who was born and raised in Davao, was a working student at the University of Mindanao and graduated with a degree in Accounting. 

Even though she already has her own business, she still wanted to earn a little extra. As she was looking for opportunities, Tradizione came into light and described her journey simply as challenging. “It’s not easy but I’m glad I’m still here and thankful with the support of my upline and other Tradizione distributors,” she says. 

Now that she’s with Tradizione, not only is she earning extra cash, her skin is getting better with Tradizione’s products. “My favourite products are the oil products – specifically Caramella and Violet.” 
According to her, she has sensitive skin and acquire rashes when her skin gets too dry. “My skin has improved a lot. Since last year up to now, I’m using the oils as my lotion. Tradizione Chai soap is also one of my favourite. I so love the smell and it’s good on my skin especially on my face.” 

“I’m so glad Tradizione came into my life. Aside from the extra money, it’s easy to push as they are consumer products.” She also advised people who want to try this kind of business to not be afraid of taking risks. “If people are still hesitant to try network marketing, I suggest let them try the products first. When they find it good, invite them to participate in marketing the products thru the referral program.”

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