How to cure dry and itchy patches on the skin?

Before and After use of Roza Antibacterial soap and Caramella Body and Massage Oil

“Winter here in Japan forced me to bathe lukewarm sometimes even hot water. My skin came extremely dry. Recently, I have irritations and itchy feeling in my face.

I use TRADIZIONE ROZA ANTIBACTERIAL Soap and applied TRADIZIONE CARAMELLA Body&Massage Oil. After 3days, my discomfort and severe irritations were gone.

I could not imagine what to do without TRADIZIONE ROZA SOAP & CARAMELLA BODY&MASSAGE OIL. Doctor’s fee and medications here are too expensive plus absence from work means no pay.
Worst is the discomfort at night yet I need to wake up early to go work.

The products are great! You must start using TRADIZIONE products and take advantage of the benefits.” – Mr. Jasson Benong Dinglasa, Tradizione Japan

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